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RebelMouse: The Artificial Intelligence-Powered CMS

RebelMouse: The Artificial Intelligence-Powered CMS

Smart AI for Content Management

RebelMouse has gained massive traction as a cloud-based, enterprise-grade CMS for media companies and brands. In 2022, RebelMouse powered sites that reached 850 million people and delivered over five billion pageviews. RebelMouse is also leading the race to bring AI to the CMS experience in a smart and savvy way that makes content creators smarter, faster, and more efficient. We believe that AI can be used not to replace humans, but to enhance what writers and editors can do.

RebelMouse has already integrated with OpenAI and Stable Diffusion to give creators the power of smart image creation for any story, as well as to help with taxonomy, provide editorial suggestions for alternate headlines, uncover smart search phrases, and summarize curated content quickly.

Our integrations allow sites to create styles for AI command prompts that are easily reusable so that a large team of writers and editors can use AI to create consistent images that make a site look cohesive and as though artists have been hired and paired with every writer.

In addition to integrating OpenAI and Stable Diffusion in many places within our platform, our Q1 2023 roadmap is packed with iterations of those features to help brands and media companies use AI to tell their stories in an efficient way.

Create a Customized ChatGPT Experience on Your Website

A look at smart search using RebelMouse's ChatGPT integration.

As an AI language model, ChatGPT has been trained on a massive corpus of text data that includes a wide range of information from various sources. However, there’s no way to confidently trust the answers it returns because the sources are, by nature, not trustworthy and anonymous. By putting all of your content, and all of the metadata and stats that accompany that data, into a private AI data model, you can offer your customers a valuable ChatGPT experience through your own site.

The RebelMouse platform can create and manage a private AI data model for your site with real-time data syncs. By learning more about each reader with every click, RebelMouse's AI model can deliver better search results and content recommendations to enhance the user experience and increase engagement across your site.

See our AI-powered search live Narcity.

See our AI-powered chat live on Narcity.

This feature can also be a fruitful new monetization method. Click here to learn more.

A diagram of how RebelMouse's AI chat operates.

AI Generated Images for Editors

With RebelMouse's integration with Stable Diffusion, your content will come with a built-in team of digital artists to enhance every article before publish. Our Add Media Bar includes a search functionality that lets editors create images and easily work them into articles. Plus, you can use text AI to easily auto populate alt text and captions to help give your post an added SEO boost.

There are also options to implement default styles that will keep the style of images uniform across your site. For example, you could use the default, “$editor_search_phrase, digital art” where digital art is the qualifier. This can become even more customizable with site-specific variables that we can plug-in directly into your Entry Editor.

If you are stumped on what kind of image would work best for your content, you can suggest images automatically after each paragraph by using the “summarize” feature of text AI, and then use those results as an image search.

Click here to read more.

Use AI to Craft the Perfect Headline Every Time

Our integration with OpenAI gives content creators the ability to explore alternative headlines through the power of AI. This game-changing feature offers new headline ideas and other suggested text with just one click. AI-generated headlines can help publishers create hooks that are more efficient, data-driven, and effective in driving engagement and traffic to their content.

Click here to learn more.

AI-Enhanced Taxonomy

RebelMouse has integrated with OpenAI to analyze content to detect potential content tags for your articles. Once enabled, you’ll be able to very quickly have the AI analyze your article and provide suggested tags. As you can see in the example above, with just a few manually inserted tags, OpenAI can then suggest new tags for consideration. Click here to read more.

Accelerated Writing With AI Text Clips

With RebelMouse's OpenAI integration, you can pull the summary of an article or a product that would would like to summarize. Then, using the link feature in our Add Media Bar, you can use AI to write a new summary, headline, and even auto link to the article your summarizing.

Editors also have the ability to enable AI to generate paragraphs for them that they can easily review, like “summarize why Chris Brown is so bad for Rihanna” or “summarize why Kathy Hochul made a big mistake in her nomination of a judge." Similarly, product reviews can be easily created through command prompts like “pros and cons of UGG boots."

Finally, you can then amplify each article with OpenAI's suggested text for social sharing through prompts like “give me a social version of this headline."

Highly Effective AI-Created Newsletters

With our AI features, you can automate a beautiful newsletter that uses your recent posts and turns it a stream of summaries and the ability to click to read further.

AI-Recommended Content (Coming Soon)

Each RebelMouse-powered site has its own embedding data model that contains all of its posts, and we will enable our design tools and Entry Editor to integrate with it so that we can automate content recommendations and suggest smart links in post bodies automatically.

Additionally, we will have the ability to recommend smart links automatically. Our AI-generated content will be able to scan a new post to look for opportunities to create better internal recirculation on key phrases or words in the post to optimize search performance.

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